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Our true passion is cashmere, a light, soft and precious yarn. We have been working it with passion for years, buying the raw material directly from the highlands of Mongolia. We fell in love with "hircus" goat, a small stubborn goat that can survive in the coldest temperatures. In this climate she generates a very soft and warm fleece. We have been learning to know it and respect it. Dehairing plays a very important role in order to give you a high quality and noble product.

A love story
between men and nature.

The qualities of this wool were discovered for the first time by the adventurer Marco Polo. Since the 13th century travelers, dealers and trade men have been trying to find out the secrets of this yarn to produce scarfs, pullovers and warm plaid. Today everybody produces cashmere but only few know how to process it in the right way in order not to damage it. Cashmere is like good wine, a history of love, patience and respect for tradition. For this reason every year we renew our trust only in few selected Italian spinners that know how to treat cashmere with craftsmanship and refuse to give in to compromises with big suppliers.
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