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Every year our collections reach the homes of people who value both product and style. We want to grow up together with our customers all over the world, dressing up mothers as well as daughters, without altering the good balance between personality and individuality.

We appreciate people, not numbers. That is why we are fond of the number 643...each single style is reproduced in a limited number and each garment has its own number. All over the word 643 women know that they have bought the same garment in the same color and style. When they meet, they'll smile as they know they chose a quality fashion brand, not a mass product.

In the wine branch people talk about vintage wine, the same is for cashmere. For us, 1943 is a special year as our founder, Rita, was born. So the number 43 met the number 600, which is the time when the first Italian looms created with mastery wonderful products with this mysterious yarn. Cashmere has a lot of secrets and every year we at Milano Centro Storico use it purely or blended with other complementary yarns with the aim of creating 643 unique garments. We want our collection to be shared with world's women citizens.